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Cheryl Howes

Cheryl Howes

Director of Operations

Joined the firm in 2007

My interest in serving others with their wealth management needs started in the banking industry.  For 20 years I worked at Lawrence Savings Bank, starting in customer service and eventually becoming a Senior Staff Accountant in the finance department.   After leaving the bank I went on to serve as a tax examiner with the IRS as well as a Senior Staff Accountant with a local CPA firm.   

Each of these positions and the responsibilities within prepared me for how I serve our Sapphire Wealth Clients.   As the Director of Operations, I wear many hats for our team.   I lead our internal operation and client transition teams, ensuring the smooth operation of both the day-to-day business of the firm and the office.  In addition, I am responsible for maintaining the highest level of compliance at the firm.  Fostering open lines of communication and long-lasting relationships with clients is the cornerstone of my philosophy. 

Outside of work I appreciate my family, my animals, and my community.  I am married to Doug, who founded our firm, and we have three beautiful children, Andy, Tyler, and Emma.   Our two boys have both taken on careers in the financial services industry working with Fidelity Investments.   Our Daughter has also expressed interest in the industry as she will be attending Bentley University and intends to study Economics and Finance.

My husband and I love having animals as a part of our family.   We have our horse, Quest, who Emma competes with as a competitive equestrian, along with our two dogs (Caico and Ellie), as well as Willow the family guinea pig.  

One of my favorite activities is our annual family vacation.   We take time each year with our kids and our parents to see the world.  We have visited places like Turks & Caicos (my favorite to date) Banff Canada, and the Outer Banks…and we have plans for Italy, Ireland, and more of the Caribbean.  

Lastly, is the wonderful southern NH community for which our family lives.  I have served on various recreation and town athletic boards, parent councils, and I was even the town Treasurer at one time.  

I, like my husband, believe my greater purpose is to serve others.  My various professional roles as well as my most important role of being Mom, I feel allows me to excel at my greater purpose.