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How We Serve

Our Approach

Our purpose is to help guide you down the path to achieve your dreams.  Our 5-step process will help us identify and understand your vision, create a sound plan to help achieve your goals, and provide the ongoing implementation and monitoring to ensure our plan adapts along the way.

Step 1

Introductory Conversation: Our Introductory Conversation is designed to determine whether our philosophy and process are a good match for what you need from a financial advisor.

Step 2

Discovery Meeting: Our Discovery meeting enables us to gather sufficient information to understand your goals, your current situation, and everything else we need to know to develop your prioritized plan.

Step 3

Planning Session: We review and discuss your draft Financial Plan, and determine next steps.

Step 4

Implementation Meeting: We resolve your outstanding questions or concerns, and then review and sign documents to open your new accounts, transfer assets, and implement investment strategy and allocation.

Step 5

Progress Meeting (ongoing): We discuss any updates to your family, employment, and financial situation; discuss planning issues; review progress toward your goals; and answer your questions.


Our Services

Our Services are tailored to your specific needs, wants, and aspirations.  Your goals are personal to you as will the services we provide to you.

Financial Plan Preparation

Financial Plan Preparation

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Tax Allocation<br/>Planning

Tax Allocation

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Budgeting &#38; Cash Flow Analysis

Budgeting & Cash Flow Analysis

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Family Success<br/>Planning<br/>

Family Success

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Our Investment Philosophy

We believe everyone has the right to feel confident with their investment direction. One way we strive to achieve this is through our investment management services. Rather than tie the success of your investment portfolio to an index, we tie its effectiveness in how close it brings you to your goals.  To help ensure that your investments are working toward your objectives, we emphasize strategies that are low cost and tax-efficient. What’s more, we select your strategies based on 90-plus years of financial market data, Nobel Prize-winning economic research, and in-depth studies of investor psychology and behavior.

Client Centered

Our core philosophy is:

  • ACCEPT market efficiency

  • INVEST in the dimensions of risk where risk is rewarded over time

  • DIVERSIFY asset classes effectively and thoroughly

  • CUSTOMIZE each client’s portfolio based on return and risk objectives and constraints

  • EXERCISE patience and discipline

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