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Retirement Income Strategies

In a volatile, uncertain economy, finding financial confidence while living in retirement has become one of investor’s biggest challenges.

The vast fluctuations of the stock & bond markets coupled by the lack of reliable interest rates, can cause difficulties for many retirees to maintain their current lifestyle or have the confidence that they will not outlive their assets.

Retirees and pre-retirees should ask themselves:

  • Will my assets last throughout my lifetime?
  • Can I keep my current lifestyle?
  • Are there ways to more effectively manage my retirement income during volatile times?

Partnering with the team at Sapphire Wealth Management, retirees and pre-retirees will formulate a solid and prudent plan to preserve capital, wisely diversify their portfolio and reallocate their assets as their life needs and circumstances change.

We know and appreciate that many individuals have worked hard and carefully invested in an attempt to live life on their own terms in retirement. And yet, even they face fear and uncertainty about the future.

With our help, those in retirement can be confident they will enjoy the retirement they had always envisioned. For more than a decade our team has recommended to our retiring clients the Income for Life Model distribution strategy. Over this period we have encountered unprecedented volatility in the markets, including the most significant stock and bond market crash of the modern era, political uncertainty, along with historically low interest rates.

Despite these challenges clients adhering to the Income for Life Model tend to experience consistent, uninterrupted, inflation-adjusted income while enjoying their retirement. Increasing your confidence is the mission of our firm.

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