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Our Approach

Our purpose is to help guide you down the path to achieve your dreams. Our 5-step process will help us identify and understand your vision, create a sound plan to help achieve your goals, and provide the ongoing implementation and monitoring to ensure our plan adapts along the way.

Step 1

Introductory Conversation: Our Introductory Conversation is designed to determine whether our philosophy and process are a good match for what you need from a financial advisor.

Step 2

Discovery Meeting: Our Discovery meeting enables us to gather sufficient information to understand your goals, your current situation, and everything else we need to know to develop your prioritized plan.

Step 3

Planning Session: We review and discuss your draft Financial Plan, and determine next steps.

Step 4

Implementation Meeting: We resolve your outstanding questions or concerns, and then review and sign documents to open your new accounts, transfer assets, and implement investment strategy and allocation.

Step 5

Progress Meeting (ongoing): We discuss any updates to your family, employment, and financial situation; discuss planning issues; review progress toward your goals; and answer your questions.